Executive Office

Our Executive Office

The SmartStart executive office team is responsible for coordinating the activities of the SmartStart leadership and executive team. The executive office team is also responsible for the supporting the governance and administrative activities of SmartStart.

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Grace Matlhape

Chief Executive Officer

Lugiswa Mzimba

Executive Assistant

In a more just world, every child belongs to all of us. The chance to become everything you can be, is a chance that every child deserves. When we speak to the human side of business, we stand between chance and choice. And given the chance, every child would choose to thrive.

Jessica Du Toit

Executive Coordination Intern

Children are the future of tomorrow and the responsibility of today. I believe in a thriving South Africa of opportunity, economic stability and innovation and young lives are the way to make this happen. I appreciate the unique angle SmartStart has to empower and educate children and their communities so that they are able to write their own story in their communities and futures. Instead of waiting for a successful system we can raise children with the ability to succeed. Giving every child the power to succeed is giving us ALL the power to succeed.