Our Finance Team

Our Finance Team

Meet our Finance team that is responsible for our organisation and networks financial resources. The finance team is responsible for planning, analysing and monitoring SmartStart finances.

Kuben Pillay

Chief Financial Officer

I believe in empowerment, and nothing is more empowering that providing a quality education. A quality education for children will help shape the future of not just that child but the community and environments around them as they develop. It is so important to empower children to succeed so that we can all collectively feel the exponential benefits.

Lillian Van Zyl

Finance Co-Lead: Hub

A South Africa which looks better today than it was yesterday.A hopeful start to a child’s learning journey which will catapult
them forward in life.A child can dream big and have hope for a brighter future. An empowered child who can build into the future of South Africa and who can leave a lasting legacy. A parent can go out and form part of the workforce, live out their purpose and provide to their families. A practitioner from the community can live out their purpose, see the children in their communities uplifted and form part of the solution to the education gap we face. Ultimately it means HOPE for many-confidence or assurance in the possibility that what one desires or longs for will happen. And there is nothing more valuable than HOPE.

Janene Geoffrey

Management Accountant

Nelson Mandela said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. I was drawn to Smartstart as it’s an innovative goal focused organisation with strong and positive team members and leadership.

Mark kumwenda

Finance Co-Lead :Programmes

“Knowledge is power”. We need to create a platform for capacity building for all our children in the Republic of South Africa from all spheres of community, especially communities within quantile 1&2 who are heavily disadvantaged. This will ensure that we a build a nation of future intellect leaders who will lead our country from economic poverty to success.

Landi Bleki

Finance Officer

My reason to join SmartStart. I wanted to be part of an organisation that priorities the development of children around South Africa, our future leaders!

Pretty Mashale

Finance Assitant

A plant needs to be taken care of so it can produce good fruits and a child needs nurturing to shape the young mind in order to succeed in life.

Kagiso Rakitla

Finance Officer

Martin Matshidze

Project Cost Accountant

Thendo Mulaudzi

Programme & Funders Intern

Empowering every child is my passion. I believe giving them the tools to succeed builds a brighter future for all. #SmartStartMission

Katekani Miyambo

Reporting & Compliance Intern

Giving every child the power to succeed matters to me because it is an investment in our collective future. When each child has access to quality education, guidance, and resources, they can reach their full potential and contribute to society in meaningful ways. Ensuring that children have equal opportunities irrespective of their background fosters a more inclusive and equitable society. It allows us to tap into the unique talents, perspectives, and ideas that every child possesses, leading to innovation and progress. Empowering children to succeed not only improves their individual lives but also has a ripple effect on their families, communities, and the world at large. By nurturing their skills, passions, and dreams, we create generation that can tackle complex challenges, advocate for justice, and create positive change. Ultimately, giving every child the power to succeed is a moral imperative that will shape a brighter and more prosperous future for all of us.