Our Monitoring & Evaluation Team

Our Brand & Communications Team

The Monitoring and Evaluation team at SmartStart is responsible for monitoring, evaluation, assurance and learning of the SmartStart programme and it’s network operations.


Monitoring, Assurance, Evaluation & Learning Lead

Rabelani Tshidavhu

Data Scientist

I love SmartStart’s mission to give every child in South Africa the power to succeed. I am grateful to have the opportunity to contribute to this mission

Johannes Ranoko

Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

When I joined SmartStart, I didn’t know what I am getting myself into but I have truly found a home at SmartStart and enjoy working with this great team to ensure that every child is given the power to succeed. SmartStart is no longer a Job to us but a lifestyle.

Lazola Javu

Junior Data Scientist

While learning about SmartStart I came across the quote, “Early childhood education is the key to the betterment of society.” I knew then that I wanted to be part of the organisation.

Mfumo Baloyi

Junior Data Scientist

Nelson Mandela once said,” Education is the key to success.” I wanted to play a role in helping children to have a similar start to achieve that regardless of their backgrounds.