Their bright future starts here

Every child deserves the power to succeed. You can help us ensure that every child gets it.

Their bright future starts here

Every child deserves the power to succeed. You can help us ensure that every child gets it.

The importance of ECD

A child’s early years set the foundation for their success at school, and beyond.

Economists indicate that the return on investment for every rand spent on early childhood development is substantially higher than for every rand spent on primary, secondary or tertiary education combined.

That return is calculated in terms of the life-long personal gains for the child, as well as the social and economic gains for society. The dividend comes in the form of higher tax yields, along with lower spending on welfare, health, and crime.

The bottom line: early learning is key to a functional, thriving society.

Early learning programmes are a triple impact

Enabling labour-market entry for parents by providing them with a safe place to leave their children while they work
Providing direct employment and social enterprise opportunities for tens of thousands of women
Establishing the fundamentals for each child’s personal and economic success

In a country like South Africa, where over 80% of children from lower income households and under serviced communities do not attend any kind of formal early learning programme, the impact of equipping every child with the power to succeed would be immense and life changing for all.

Smart Programme Overview

Based on evidence and global best practice, the SmartStart programme and daily routine is designed to equip children aged three to five years with the skills they need to lay the foundation for their development and wellbeing.

The evidence-based SmartStart programme is focussed on achieving three key outcomes for every child:

Healthy Relationships

Healthy Relationships

The ability to form relationships that make them happy and give them a secure foundation.

Confident Communication

Confident Communication

To be a smart a thinker and communicator, who uses language effectively to listen, reason and speak.

Life Skills

Life Skills

To develop core general skills like self-control, perseverance, flexibility and memory, which are essential for success.

Smart Results

In 2018, we commissioned an external evaluation on children attending our SmartStart Programmes. Children were assessed using the Early Learning Outcomes Measure (ELOM) and reassessed eight
months later.

The results were astonishing and saw children improving their performance over and above expected age progress. The number of children who achieved the ELOM Standard across all domains increased from an initial 32% to 62% of children at the end of the assessment period.

ECD in the world

Over recent decades, countries like the USA have treated the financing of Early Childhood Development (ECD) programmes as an economic investment. Their premise is that access to ECD programmes unlocks the current labour market potential of more women, and the future labour market potential of more children.

The US government recently announced a $200 billion investment in free pre-school for every 3-4 year old child.

The following statement emphasises how early learning drives economic growth: “By some estimates, the benefits of a universal pre-school system to U.S. Gross Domestic Product are more than three times greater than the investment needed to provide this service.”

With your generosity we can train, license and support more SmartStart Practitioners from our communities and change the trajectory of more young children’s lives through our proven Smart Programmes.

Our current Smart Investors and Funders include:

Smart Investors and Funders
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